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I am Arielle. The Arielle.

Your luxurious Goddess Guide in pain, sensory pleasure and shamanic Domination.

(Based in London, yet only imagination is the limit)

Dive into the cracks between body and mind. Follow me with all your senses through erotic, sensual realms of pain, indulgence and transformation.

As an experienced Mistress and a Shamanic Practitioner my tools range from ropes, cuffs and gags for bondage – to floggers, paddles, canes, pinwheels, fire and ice play – to shamanic drumming journeying, gong baths, bondage singing bowl resonance – to scent which I consider very important to set an atmosphere and penetrate your thoughts ….

All this and more with the aim to lead you to a space where you find unconditionally acceptance, are allowed to let go of control and travel with all your body and psyche where you need to be.

I am your Goddess and Priestess guide to discovery and bliss. There is nowhere to hide. Some days what you need is simply to let go and feel – be it playful or hedonistic. Other days it is to travel to your dark and scary hidden depths. Yet others it is to work hard to please and spoil me. All are pathways of discovery to your own hidden possibilities – your own brilliance.

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Wonderful sexy suggestions for us to do and play with, to spark your naughty imagination depending on your submissive or kinky fantasies and where and the chemistry between us leads us.

Consider me a Priestess of the fantasies that you come to me with.

When I started out around eight years ago, I was a professional submissive. At the time, it was what gave me pleasure and what I needed to explore. This also gave me a strong basis to understand the power and needs from the submissive’s side of play. A year or so transition as a Switch led me to fulfil my true potential as the Dominant that I have become over five years ago. This training has made me a Mistress of an abundance of impact toys such as paddles, whips, ridding crops, straps and especially floggers and canes. I have also fallen in love with, and become a mistress of, the lucious magic that is fire-play.

Although I love dressing up, I do so as a way of changing mood and adding spice and fun. I might, if it is right for your needs, take on a “role” to be able to tap into a character that you need to explore your relationship to, but I find our authentic selves more fun and useful to work with. I create a tender, safe and fully unjudgemental space for you to delve into your dirtiest and most needy fantasies, whilst making sure to keep you on your toes and push your boundaries.

Let go. You have no other choice.

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Healing BDSM

The last couple of years have led me through some difficult yet rewarding self-searching and healing. The process led me to embark on a journey of shamanic practice, using sound healing (drumming, gong, singing bowl), focusing on intention, breathing and rituals. I soaked in skills and tools from established masters of both worlds.

Being the mischievous Trickster that I am and my love of weaving intricate fruitful webs between all elements of my fascinations and talents, I started to experiment with using the newly learned practices with my darling already trusted submissives. This ranged from a specific pattern played on their naked body with singing bowls as their hands, feet and intimate body parts were tightly bound. To a full shamanic journey starting with a sound beating within their fantasy of play.

What a resoundingly profound success and explosion of possibilities!

Tried and tested I now want to open this up to you. Magic, transformation, pain and pleasure.

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**New** Financial Domination

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What I do not offer

Please read carefully.

I do not offer sexual services. I also do not offerpenetration, give relief or allow intimate worship. There are plenty of fabulous Mistresses that do – go in search of them if that is what you are looking for. Once we have discussed your boundaries and chosen a safe-word, I truly love to take control and thus do not suffer topping from the bottom.

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