Financial Domination

In the last year, I have recieved more and more requests for Financial Dommination. And I must say…it’s been quite fun!

There are some very strict rules though forewelina-115-Edit you to abide to prove you are genuinely looking to submit in this way.

The first rule is : any and all kind of contact must be accompanied by a minimum of £20 to the paypal account Failing this, you will be ignored.

And then the even more fun bit begins! I offer on-line financial slavery. By this I mean paying of bills, online shopping, giftcards, wishlist presents. For those living in London there are the additional treats of real-time shopping trips, pampering spa trips and sessions with the addition of FinDoming.

This brings me to the second rule: you must be specific in telling me what exictes you about being dominated in this way and prove this by showing monthly financial appreciation will consistency.

Examples of the monthly bills you may adopt in full or pay towards are:

  • clothes £800
  • beauty £200
  • nails £30
  • feet £50
  • gym £70
  • rent £1500
  • bills £200
  • travel £200

blank All payments are to be made to the above mentioned paypal account (

And of course if you have any other ideas that you are dying to try out, I will consider them.

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