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Arielle sailor cutSENSORY / BDSM or CP PLAY

Wonderful sexy suggestions for us to do and play with to spark your naughty imagination depending on your submissive or kinky fantasies and where and the chemistry between us leads us.

Some of my dommination expertise lies in: Bastinado, Body Worship, Bondage (light), Caning, Chastity, Corporal Punishment, Face Slapping, Fireplay*, Flogging, Gags, Hoods, Latex/Leather Fetishes, Leg/Foot Worship, Mummificaiton, Nipple Torture, Scratching, Sensory Deprivation, Shaving, Shoe/Boot Worship, Stockings, Spanking, Temperature Play, Tickling, Whipping

*Fireplay mainly using a wand/torch soaked in diluted medical alcohol, it is a gentle burning sensuous feeling of flames stroking your skin.


Bad Schoolgirl, Crossdressing, Dangerous Seductress, Draconian Slaveowner, Exacting Sexologist, Forced Feminization, Naughty Nurse, Revengeful girlfriend or wife, Sadistic secretary, Severe Police/Guard, Strict Teacher, Tough Personal Trainer, Vindictive Boss

Whether you are a naughty boy with your trousers round your ankles go stand in the corner, your hands on your head while you wait to be admonished, made to bend over my desk awaiting your punishment to be bent over my lap or a stool… Or a slave on your hands and knees naked save for a leather collar and leash…The scenarios and possibilities are almost endless


Each practitioner has a somewhat different approach and methods of working with BDSM and healing. What I offer is to create a safe and fully accepting space where together we can explore specific elements of your emotional make-up that are in some way inhibiting or harming you. It is an intense and very deep process using a mixture of techniques ranging from psychotherapy, tantric breathing, kundalini yoga, personalised rituals, bondage, a variety of sensory play (as above). It is a way of slowly working through layers of inhibitions to hopefully give you a better sense of joyful fulfilment and freedom.

As each person is completely different, each intent and session is different. Before we even start, we will have an initial chat to talk about where you are in your life right now, what you are looking to achieve with the session and if this is the appropriate means for you to achieve it. I have to know exactly what you are and aren’t OK with and also have your complete and full conscious consent.


(read more about financial domination here)


Working with novice couples to introduce them in the delicious ways of BDSM pleasure and pain. Help you figure out what you would like to explore and what is out there, how to safely play using a multitude of toys, how to create a scenario and ensure boundaries and for those who would like to play outside the bedroom – where to find parties, clubs and communities.

With all the above possibilities we will always first discuss your desires and boundaries. Even if you’re new to all this please don’t fret as I’ve introduced many a soul to the exquisite pleasures of submission. We can take it as slowly or as quickly as feels right for you. I am extremely open-minded and love receiving suggestions of elaborate or carefully-crafted scenarios. Discretion and confidentiality is of course guaranteed!


I do not offer sexual services (this includes providing “relief”, anal and/or genital play, CBT or intimate body worship). If that is what you are looking for, there are many other Mistresses who offer this.

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